General Dentistry

1. Dental Scaling

Nothing like a clean set of teeth. It’s advisable to get your routine scaling done every 6 months once.

2. Fillings

Is best to get fillings done when the cavity is still small. With our advanced X-ray, we will be able to detect caries and fill them up before it’s too late.

3. Dental extractions

Sometime tooth gets damaged badly and we may need to pull them out. Dental extractions are done by first numbing the tooth area. Then once you are fully numb, the process of dental extraction takes place. Don’t worry, our professional dentists will get it out in no time.

4. Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth are the last tooth which erupts in your jaw, we have a total of 4 wisdom teeth (2 upper and 2 lower).

Reasons of wisdom tooth removal are

  • Pain /discomfort over area of wisdom tooth
  • Cavity over wisdom tooth or its adjacent tooth
  • Recurrent inflamed gums over wisdom tooth

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