Gum Disease

Gum treatment offered by us are

  1. Gum Recontouring

    Asymmetric gum line may make your teeth looks small or too much gum show (gummy smile) will create a disharmony in your smile. Gum recontouring is where we reshape your gum line using painless, scar-free approach to enhance your smile.

    The steps are as follow

    • Initial consult, photography record and gum assessment.
    • Digital designing of best gum contour that will suit your teeth.
    • Treatment plan discussion and treatment.
    • Healing and follow up
    • Root planning and flap surgery.
  2. Root planning and flap surgery

    It is done to treat advance gum disease like periodontitis where normal dental cleaning (scaling) is not sufficient This treatment is done to clean plaque and tartar build up embedded deep into your gums, which otherwise could lead to gum inflammation and loss of your tooth.

  3. Bone grafting /socket preservation

    In cases where we had to extract your teeth because of gum disease or badly broken tooth where we cannot restore it, the jawbone tends to undergo “shrinkage “over time. This makes it difficult to place a dental implant over the site in the future. Bone grafting is a process where upon tooth extraction, we pack artificial bone over site, to preserve the bone around the region and maintain its structural integrity.

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