General Treatment

1. Filling

Our desire at Ti dental clinic is to tell parents “your child has NO cavities.” But that doesn’t turn out to be the case all the time. We do have children come in with cavities. The goal is to fill up those cavities with as early as possible. Before it reaches the nerve of the tooth, which can cause pain to your child.

2. SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride)

SDF is applied on the decayed tooth to arrest the germs and preventing worsening of the tooth. Usually, it’s done on children with multiple decayed teeth or as preventive measure before filling is done.

3. Pulp Therapy

Sometime the decay goes too deep until involve the nerve of tooth (pulp). When this happens, we initiate pulp therapy. This a treatment where we clean the infected nerve of the tooth and seal it with medicament’s and fill it up with a filling material or stainless-steel crown or white crowns.

4. Stainless Steel Crowns and White Crowns (Zirconia Crowns)

We offer 2 types of kid’s crowns. The stainless-steel crowns and white crowns called the zirconia crowns. These children crowns are placed on tooth which has been badly broken down and cannot be filled.

5. Extractions

At time we may need to pull out some tooth. This is when tooth has been badly broken down, or when tooth is growing in a wrong manner. But regardless for the reasons, our team will ensure that your child feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

6. Space Maintainer

When children had to get their baby tooth out way earlier, we use a space maintainer to preserve the space. This it to prevent other tooth to drift forward which may block the eruption of the permanent tooth.

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