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Invisible Braces Aligners

A series of plastic aligners called Clear Aligners are built to order and based on digital models created from an impression or a scan of the teeth. There are a few things concerning these aligners that everyone should be aware of:

    1. The names of the aligners, such as Invisalign and others, are only trademarks. All of these aligners are based on simulated tooth motions and offer a series of progressive corrections to attain complete alignment.
    2. Because these aligners are detachable, tooth movement can only be accomplished by wearing them all the time.
    3. Since the models are sent to the USA at the beginning of the procedure, there is a waiting period of about 4–6 weeks before you get your aligners.

    4. The clear aligners are the greatest options in some situations, but some movements cannot be accomplished by them.
      With these benefits, page 3 persons, celebrities, or patients with aesthetic concerns are the greatest candidates for aligners.

What are aligners / Invisible Braces / Clear Braces?

Typically, these are clear trays made with specialized materials with the main goal of straightening teeth. Due to the lack of metal wires and brackets, invisible braces are preferred to their conventional counterparts. These are easily removed from your mouth with the soft pressure of your palms. In conventional braces, a person cannot remove the wire and braces on their own.


What include in the Invisible Aligners Treatment?

Wearing a series of transparent, removable aligners to progressively straighten your teeth is known as “Invisible Treatment.” There are no wires, brackets, or limitations that come with metal braces.

Your oral condition would be diagnosed by the dentist during your visit. They talked about the problem with your teeth and potential remedies for straightening your crooked teeth. Before beginning treatment with aligners or braces, any gum issues or tooth decay must be resolved.

Once you give the go-ahead for aligner therapy, the dentist will use a 3D intraoral scanner to obtain digital scans of the interior of your mouth. It seems sense that the photos are taken to assist the dentist in visualizing the before and after results.

Soft putty may be used by some dentists to take physical imprints. Then, Invisible specialists scan these impressions to produce the 3D model that will be used in software and the production of aligners.

You’ll receive a unique set of aligners after the consultation, which should take a few weeks. The expert will also advise you on how to wear them correctly. These aligners often need to be changed after a 2-4 week break. The next set of aligners would be provided by the orthodontist at the subsequent appointment, and this process could take up to 12 to 24 months. It is also recommended that you wear these aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours every day in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Will aligners/Invisible work on my teeth?

Adults and teenagers both benefit from aligners. Aligners function similarly to other forms of braces by gently shifting the teeth into the desired position. This is accomplished by using a series of aligners, each to be worn for a certain amount of time. The specialist will advise on the specifics of these aligners following a complete clinical evaluation.

What is the procedure followed for aligner treatment?

A thorough clinical evaluation will be performed once you and the orthodontist have talked about your treatment expectations. The position of your teeth and jaw are evaluated using X-rays, pictures, and dental scans. You will be able to see on the computer screen how your teeth are moving. Your orthodontist at TI Dental will deliver the aligners to you in a month if you are happy with the ultimate expected appearance of your teeth and the orthodontist approves of the treatment.

Lingual Orthodontic Braces

The inside surfaces of the teeth that face the tongue are where lingual braces, commonly referred to as invisible braces, are attached. Even up close, they are essentially undetectable from the outside. Lingual braces are not only invisible, but they also have additional benefits. First, they are much more capable and effective for complex tooth movements than clear aligners. Even with poor oral care, any discolouration (white spots) that develops will be on the inside of the teeth, where it is invisible. Modern technology is used by your orthodontist to create your ideal smile. The procedure starts with a computerized scan of your teeth, which have been perfectly straightened by your orthodontist’s prescribed therapy. You receive a completely unique solution, complete with robotically bent arch wires.


Ceramic Braces

The size and shape of ceramic braces are comparable to those of metal braces.However, they substitute tooth-colored or clear brackets or wires with metallic silver or gray ones.

Because they are less obvious and more attractive than conventional or metal braces, ceramic braces are the preferred option for the majority of people. Therefore, this cause might be a great benefit if you’re considering wearing braces and don’t want to feel self-conscious about it.Advantages: Compared to other metal braces, it is the best option for being less obvious.

Invisible/Clear Aligners Cost in Selangor, Malaysia

Invisible/Clear aligners are a good alternative for crooked, crowded, and uneven teeth that need to be corrected in an aesthetic way. The dental devices used to straighten teeth are called clear braces or clear aligners, and they cost in Selangor, Malaysia. It represents the most recent advancement in orthodontics. In Malaysia, the price of clear invisible braces is more than that of conventional metallic braces. Aligners are preferred by patients over braces because they offer a number of benefits. For instance, because aligners are removable, a user can take them out to eat or drink.

The advantages of aligners over braces include their near-invisibility, shorter treatment times with fewer precise visits, lower risk of damage, ease of cleaning and maintenance compared to braces, and many other benefits. Each patient wears a variety of various aligners during the course of therapy, and each aligner is individually created for them. The orthodontist first delivers the patient’s teeth’s physical impression or digital scan along with the recommended course of treatment.

Clear Aligners


    1. About
      ✓ Removable
      ✓ Wire-free for added comfort
      ✓ Easy to clean
      ✓ Enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions
    2. Treatment Duration : Approximately 24 months
    3. Recommended Wear Time : 22 hours per day
    4. Pricing : RM 8500 onwards

Metal Braces


    1. About
      ✓ Non-removable
      ✓ Archwires may cause discomfort and irritation
      ✓ Increased effort needed for brushing and flossing
      ✓ Numerous food restrictions
    2. Treatment Duration : Approximately 24 months
    3. Wear Time : 24/7, 365 days a year
    4. Pricing : RM 5500 onwards
Why Choose TI Dental Clinic?

Get a beautiful smile without sacrificing your way of life. Our clear aligners, often known as invisible braces, are well-liked since they may be taken off for meals, drinks, and special events. The best part is that you can keep your entire set of healthy teeth because there is no need to pull any teeth.

Our skilled dentists at TI Dental Invisible Aligners employ cutting-edge technology to develop superior invisible braces that are specifically made to straighten your teeth. Modern German technology is used to create our clear aligners from BPA-free Zendura Flex material, ensuring that you get the best possible product. Discover TI Dental Invisible clear Aligners’ comfort and ease as you progress toward a stunning smile.


The removable, custom-made plastic aligners known as invisible braces or clear aligners fit tightly over your teeth. Your teeth will be progressively moved into the desired position using moderate effort. Every day, you can take them out for a few hours so that you can eat, take pictures, and do other things. Each patient receives a unique set of aligners that are made using digital scans or putty impressions.

Aligners have a number of benefits over conventional braces. They deliver greater outcomes quickly and easily, and they are discreet. Additionally, teeth straighteners are much more pleasant than conventional braces. To ensure that their treatment is successful, patients must still be extremely diligent about wearing their aligners.

For people of all ages, clear aligners or invisible braces are the best orthodontic treatment. They are highly effective, discrete, and hassle-free. However, when it comes to kids, cooperation is more difficult. Parents who are thinking about getting their kids aligners should check with an orthodontist at Clove Dental to see if the kid is a good candidate.

Clear aligners, also known as teeth aligners or invisible braces, are a practical choice that, in some circumstances, may be more efficient. As opposed to conventional metal braces, they use translucent aligners, which are less obvious. This makes it simpler for you to adhere to your treatment plan as long as is necessary without experiencing any difficulty.