Dental veneers are a thin shell material made up of either porcelain or composite. This veneer is custom made for each patient and it is then fitted on the front tooth surface to enhance one smile, color of teeth, shape of teeth and even alignment.

Our dentist at Ti Dental will work with you to craft the best shape, contour and design of your smile to make you to achieve your ideal smile.

Dental Veneers are used for

  • Closed gaps between teeth.
  • Improve shape and contour of teeth.
  • Improve color/shade of teeth.
  • Minor alignment correction.
  • Uniform smile according to face and lips.

Steps in transforming your smile

  • Initial consultation and discussion of your goals with smile design.
  • 3D and digital smile design by our doctor.
  • Treatment plan discussion and mock up trial.
  • Final treatment process.
  • Follow up and recall.

Let Ti Dental’s Dental Veneers be your ticket to a breathtaking transformation!